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Writer's Block: My Journey

If you had the chance to travel anywhere in the world for a year, where would you go?

Turkey, Italy, Greece, India, Thailand, China, and perhaps a jaunt around some places in South or Central America

2 posts in 1 month!

ok, i'm just a little upset that i had to hear that Rand Paul basically made up his doctor's certification on the Colbert Report. come on, people actually trust some one like this? everyday a little bit more of my hope for humanity dies...yes, i will be that cynical, angry old woman someday.
yes, i do realize i haven't bothered to write anything here for a rather long time. i read the entries that are posted almost everyday though. i enjoy the photographs posted and the creative pieces placed as well.

many things have happened, i won't bore anyone who decides to read this by listing all of them. i have traveled to Vietnam twice, with another trip planned for this July, and India once. my school will open this fall, finally. having a more permanent place on campus will be nice.

too many ideas have been coming to my head of late; started and stopped too many stories. having difficulties focusing on one to finish. i am also not sure that Ralphie, my dog, enjoys my paying so much attention to the laptop. i feel his eyes on me, look up from the keyboard and he is staring at me. his eyes are sad, though i know they say that we project what we want or think an animal may feel onto them; i don't know if i entirely believe that.

perhaps the stress of my issues causes this. they have added another medication to my daily regiment; now a total of 7 pills to take per day. add a new condition that requires this new medication: tachycardia. so, new meds and a heart rate monitor watch.

an over-active imagination can be a curse at times.
i think i'm writing a novel...

returned, with a cold

i'm back from vietnam. it was a great trip. i met with lots of agents and possible students and got to see some interesting things. only bad thing is that i came back and immediately came down with a bad cold. it still lingers.

getting to Vietnam and day 1

getting to vietnam turned out to be quite the adventure. due to weather, there was a delay in my flight getting to Atlanta so i got there with 10 minutes to departure. i ran to the gate, but made it. it was a 14 hour flight to Tokyo and a 6 hour flight from there to Ho Chi Minh City. we got in at about midnight and got to the hotel at about 1 a.m.

we've visited 2 agents today. i ate beef pho for lunch here at the hotel and we ate at the Japanese restaurant in the hotel for dinner. i have taken only one picture so far.

cool fall days

it's fall here in morehead. the leaves are beginning to turn colors on the mountains, though i know i will miss the full beauty of it due to my forth coming trip. there is this one tree (?) that is particularly interesting to me. as it grew during the summer, the new branches were purple, and now as fall arrives the leaves have turned a beautiful shade of red. i don't know what it is. i like that my car is the color of pumpkins and fall. speaking of pumpkins, i asked my dad if i could bake a pumpkin pie for thanksgiving instead of us using the frozen kind. i found an interesting recipe for pecan caramel pumpkin pie.

i feel like i am spinning my wheels. i am waiting for wed. when i will drive down to BG to drop ralphie off with my parents. that is when the trip will start for me. then thurs. i fly out in the morning. these next 2 days will not go fast enough for me. all i can do is sit around and wait for tues. night when i can pack and wed. morning when we will leave. there is nothing else to do really.

neighbor revenge and other things

my neighbors on one side played loud music all day, and not good music in my opinion. so i got revenge tonight. while they were not playing music i put a musical in my dvd player and turned it up. hehe. take that. it was sweeny todd.

which brings me to another thing. i have this very silly therapist right now (i would change if i thought there was anyone better in this tiny town) who asks me to do lots of things to combat my depression. i'm willing to give some of it a try, but some things if she had paid any attention to who i was and how i act she would know better than to suggest. she suggested i attend church. i am atheist and made that fairly clear at an earlier session. she suggested i volunteer with hospice; why would you suggest a depressed person hang around dying people? there are some things that i am willing to try. though she didn't suggest it, i might try and volunteer at the animal shelter when i return from vietnam. she suggested i create a box with things that make me feel better in it; things that appeal to the 5 senses. i already have things around the house that work for that. i have my book of rumi's poetry that always makes me feel a bit better. i have sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli incense that reminds me of certain friends i am always happy with. i have 2 dvds that always seem to make me feel better: A&E's pride and prejudice, and sweeny todd (though the fact that one makes me feel better marks me as kind of morbid). and there is always ralphie or a stuffed animal to hug. ralphie's fur feels as soft as rabbit fur, everyone who pets him mentions this.

dd may come visit me from lexington on monday or tuesday before i leave for vietnam. i really hope he does come. it's been almost 2 months since we have seen each other. i enjoy talking and listening to him. i am glad we rekindled our friendship back in the spring.

counting down

basically all i'm doing now is counting down the days til i leave for vietnam. 6 days left. i wrote a packing list tonight. i spent the day looking over the recruitment powerpoint and the handbook that goes with it. it will take a while for me to get that thing down as it has a lot of information about a lot of different schools.

i had forgotten how much i enjoy hemingway's writing. i picked up his book To Have and Have Not the other day and finished reading it tonight. despite his depiction of women, i kind of like his work. it inspired me to go up to my bookshelf and pull down the complete short story collection i had from my class on him and faulkner. it was one of those books you have to buy even though you know you're only going to read a few of the stories in the entire collection. well, since i have several plane rides coming up, i thought i might pick up the short story collection and try reading all the stories. i read one tonight. it was the first one in the book and one we had read in class...i actually remembered it. "the short happy life of frances macomber" as soon as i started reading it i remembered that this was the one where the wife shoots the husband in the back of the head while on safari. he had earlier shown himself to be a coward by running from the lion he was trying to shoot. later he gained courage once more when shooting the buffalo and the courage scared the wife. it looked like an accident as she was aiming at the buffalo that was charging her husband, but she hit him instead of the buffalo. the relationships between the husband, wife and big game hunter are much more complicated though.

i won't bore you with more talk about hemingway tonight.

nothing to do

this is what my day is like since i can't open my school yet. i wake up usually between 7 and 8, eat breakfast and take care of ralphie. then we nap for a little while. i wake up again usually around 11 or 12. i eat lunch, get dressed and head up to campus to sit in my temporary office for a few hours (which i am doing right now). while in said office i answer the few emails that i have and sit around playing on the internet or reading a book. by 4 i leave the office and head home. once there i walk ralphie and eat dinner. then i watch a movie or read until it is time for bed.

now i realize that most people would kill for a job like this, but i've been doing this since july. i am bored. i want something to do. i moved here with the idea that i would have a job that would take up quite a bit of time; instead i do nothing. granted i am paid for doing nothing, but i would rather be doing something that deserves being paid.

next week cannot get her fast enough. i will finally have something to do. i will be flying to vietnam for a little over 2 weeks worth of recruiting, visiting agents, and sightseeing. the only thing i will miss is ralphie, who will be spending the time with my parents. i want it to be next wed. so that i will be leaving tomorrow instead of a week from tomorrow.

i'm not sure how much longer i can take this. i need something to do; my self-worth is partially based on what i do and it is suffering. i think i will leave the office early today. i am tired.