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nothing to do

this is what my day is like since i can't open my school yet. i wake up usually between 7 and 8, eat breakfast and take care of ralphie. then we nap for a little while. i wake up again usually around 11 or 12. i eat lunch, get dressed and head up to campus to sit in my temporary office for a few hours (which i am doing right now). while in said office i answer the few emails that i have and sit around playing on the internet or reading a book. by 4 i leave the office and head home. once there i walk ralphie and eat dinner. then i watch a movie or read until it is time for bed.

now i realize that most people would kill for a job like this, but i've been doing this since july. i am bored. i want something to do. i moved here with the idea that i would have a job that would take up quite a bit of time; instead i do nothing. granted i am paid for doing nothing, but i would rather be doing something that deserves being paid.

next week cannot get her fast enough. i will finally have something to do. i will be flying to vietnam for a little over 2 weeks worth of recruiting, visiting agents, and sightseeing. the only thing i will miss is ralphie, who will be spending the time with my parents. i want it to be next wed. so that i will be leaving tomorrow instead of a week from tomorrow.

i'm not sure how much longer i can take this. i need something to do; my self-worth is partially based on what i do and it is suffering. i think i will leave the office early today. i am tired.


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