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counting down

basically all i'm doing now is counting down the days til i leave for vietnam. 6 days left. i wrote a packing list tonight. i spent the day looking over the recruitment powerpoint and the handbook that goes with it. it will take a while for me to get that thing down as it has a lot of information about a lot of different schools.

i had forgotten how much i enjoy hemingway's writing. i picked up his book To Have and Have Not the other day and finished reading it tonight. despite his depiction of women, i kind of like his work. it inspired me to go up to my bookshelf and pull down the complete short story collection i had from my class on him and faulkner. it was one of those books you have to buy even though you know you're only going to read a few of the stories in the entire collection. well, since i have several plane rides coming up, i thought i might pick up the short story collection and try reading all the stories. i read one tonight. it was the first one in the book and one we had read in class...i actually remembered it. "the short happy life of frances macomber" as soon as i started reading it i remembered that this was the one where the wife shoots the husband in the back of the head while on safari. he had earlier shown himself to be a coward by running from the lion he was trying to shoot. later he gained courage once more when shooting the buffalo and the courage scared the wife. it looked like an accident as she was aiming at the buffalo that was charging her husband, but she hit him instead of the buffalo. the relationships between the husband, wife and big game hunter are much more complicated though.

i won't bore you with more talk about hemingway tonight.


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Oct. 16th, 2009 02:52 am (UTC)
Wow Vietnam

Also i miss you, wtf. :(
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