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i've neglected lj

i admit i've neglected lj as of lately (i just found out that two of my friends got married this past weekend). i hope to rectify that a little bit though, so here's an update.

1. for those who haven't seen my other few entries in the past god only knows how long, i have accepted a new position in my company and have moved to morehead, ky in order to start a new school at morehead state university. i'm 3 and a half hours from BG, 1 hour from lexington, etc. yes, i'm now a member of the eastern time zone. morehead is eastern ky too. (insert dueling banjos here)i literally live in a valley with mountains on 3 sides. i have no cell phone signal in my townhouse so i had to get a home phone, yes in this day and age i had to get a home phone. morehead is a SMALL town. i'm not sure how the town will react if i start getting saudi students with families and children who enter into the regular school system here.

work screwed up by moving me here so quickly in july. it turns out that i can't open my school until i get govn't approval to write I20s (which allow international students to get visas to come study here). i have yet to hear from the govn't, so it's beginning to look like i won't be opening up the school until next summer. as consolation, the company is sending me overseas on recruiting missions until my campus is able to open. i go on my first one next week: Vietnam. i will be there for a little over 2 weeks.

2. in the past i have written about having financial difficulties. these are mostly over now. i am getting a much better paycheck (though still no health insurance through the company), and things are getting under control finally. i even have a savings account for the first time.

3. i live alone in morehead, except for my dog. the biggest problem i have here is loneliness. with work being screwed up i don't really get to meet people there (can't hire anyone if there are no students and can't build relationships with campus people without a reason to actually see them). i hardly hear from anyone i knew in BG. my closest friend is in lexington and we do try to stay in touch. he and i have developed a fairly close relationship since spring of this year when we rediscovered each other. ralphie, my dog, does help but he can't talk back to me.

4. love life? hahaha....i'll leave this one short since it's rather obvious that nothing is going on there.

5. as far as depression goes, i'm visiting doctors here and keeping up on the meds. when i return from Vietnam i think i might try and volunteer with the animal shelter here. it will give me something to do (since boredom is not helping my depression) and perhaps i will meet like minded people there (at least as far as animal lovers goes).

6. i will try to be a bit better about posing things here. i feel bad about losing touch with several people on here. i will try to post things from Vietnam too, perhaps like a travel log, since i will have days off where i can explore the cities.


i now live an hour east of lexington. i've been here since july. i hope to be doing something soon, as the opening of my school has been postponed indefinitely. the company says they will send me overseas to recruit soon. i haven't heard anything back yet though. having nothing to do can sometimes make one feel rather bad. i'm trying to find ways to busy myself. not doing too good so far. $ is tight at the moment so i can't just hop in the car and drive somewhere. my dog ralphie helps some; we walk and play. i've met no one other than a few doctors that i've had to see since i got up here. i finally have an office on campus to move into on monday though. perhaps then i will start meeting people.

new job

i have a new job, at least i think so. i think i have been named director of a new ESLI campus that is to open up at Morehead State University. it's about an hour east of Lexington, KY. i say i think because there has been some confusion. i finally got it from the head of the company that i am going up to Morehead to meet the people at the university and see the place on Wed., then the head of the company will be coming to see me when he returns to the country to make sure i want the job and i understand what exactly it entails. if everything moves as quickly as i am led to believe it will, i will be moving in early July.

May. 20th, 2009

it has been a crazy, whirlwind time lately. there are difficulties with the boss. we had chaos last week during finals as she didn't even show up for them. my job was threatened on friday.

no word on the new job front.

on thursday someone i haven't seen in around 12 to 13 years came into town. he was here for his step-sister's graduation. he only lives in lexington, but we were not in contact until about 2 months ago. he left this morning, and spent 4 of the nights he was here with me; 2 nights he slept over. we slept in my bed and held each other. it was wonderful to have someone do that again. it has been over 3 years since some one slept in bed with me and held me. i don't know if this is going to go anywhere other than extremely good friends, but that's part of the fun, isn't it?

waiting is the worst part

i'm waiting for the phone call that will change my life. all i need is for some one to call and offer me a job. or at least another interview. chuck and tara have their next jobs all lined up. tara starts her job may 4. chuck starts his phd program in august. mike knows what he is doing. he starts his phd program in august as well. even cindy has a quit date. i can't stand this waiting!

the end is not near

so i have found out, by going to another doctor, that i don't have tmj; i have an impacted wisdom tooth coming in sideways. i've been in pain for 3 weeks. it's at least one more week before the oral surgeon can even see me for a consultation. who knows when the pain will end? i'm probably burning holes in my stomach from the amount of pain killers i've had to take so far.
haven't heard anything on the job front though. still waiting.


i've been in pain for a month; misdiagnosed as tmj. now i know that it's a impacted wisdom tooth. i have to wait 2 weeks before the oral surgeon can even see me. then who know how long i'll have to wait before i get it taken out. my dentist gave me antibiotics and hydrocodone. but there are only 12 pills of hydrocodone. i guess i'm gonna be living off of over the counter painkillers for a little bit longer.

on a better note, my trip to denver went well. it was a good convention and i think my interview went well. i won't know for a little bit longer though. i really hope i get something.

the return of tmj

my jaw has flared up again. i assume the doctor was right and it's tmj. all i'm doing for it is taking pain killers, anti-inflammatory meds, and soft food. i'm really getting tired of soft food.

2 days til i leave for denver!


i snapped back at kb today. i didn't realize i was doing it until i did it. oh well. she was being stupid and i guess i just got too tired of it. i assumed ended up with half a dozen duck eggs. cindy has ducks at her little farm and they are laying eggs. her and husband don't want that many baby ducks around so they gather the eggs every morning. they will let the ducks hatch some of the eggs, but not this many!

i ended my day by going out to outback with eah and then the hookah bar where we had lemon/mint flavor! yummy!

ok, back to playing with ralphie!

randomness x 4

kb didn't come in today so we had freedom in the office. yay! on the downside i feel sickly tonight. oh well. ralphie is happy at least.

one week til Denver!!

it's been Spring like lately and that is making everyone want to not come to class. i let my classes out early today.

i think i will get my hair cut and styled before Denver...want to look my best for the interviews.